13 best ways to market your business with LinkedIn Marketing


In the professional networking space, LinkedIn is an undisputed leader, connecting millions of professionals across the globe. It has user base of 900 million working individuals, sharing their posts, views, and opinions over the platform.

You cannot miss LinkedIn from a marketing plan if you are thinking of attracting people with business backgrounds. A number of reasons are there why marketers consider LinkedIn as game changer in B2B space.

Why LinkedIn marketing?

As the biggest B2B platform for social engagement, LinkedIn lists almost 58 million companies and counting. Launched in 2003, the community has evolved from a professional network space and graduated into a B2B marketing environment.

Almost 83% of marketers and agencies like to choose LinkedIn for B2B marketing. The advantages of LinkedIn are unlimited and the potential to find industry-wise employee data is maximum.

LinkedIn has a large number of users, and it dominates the professional space largely. As a potent tool for B2B marketing for companies, organizations, and service industry players, it drives B2B engagement with a long list of features. It has flourished for introducing several firsts in building a B2B atmosphere.

Starting off with connecting industry professionals, skills learning, and setting up company pages, LinkedIn is sought after by businesses, professionals, & B2B advertisers. The potential of LinkedIn marketing is enormous and has continued to grow since its launch. Almost 80% B2B marketers use LinkedIn as their preferred tool for lead generation.

Must do B2B marketing tactics on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Business Model | How Does LinkedIn Make Money

A community with millions of users sharing their professional knowledge, comments, and different types of opinions each day, the social media platform has grown multifold.

For several business goals such as signifying company presence, brand image, and detailed company profiles, LinkedIn is a preferred medium. So, when we say B2B marketing, LinkedIn as a platform comes to our mind. But to leverage the platform for marketing, here are some essential strategies that fits small and medium B2B marketing goals.

Start with the company page: LinkedIn provides a comprehensive set of features for building company pages. There are options to enter the company profile information through an interface, and relevant images to complete the company page.

Make a striking profile: Include a cover photo, and flash the logo in bold so that people notice. Don’t forget to upload relevant information and post updates to increase the visibility of the company or an organization.

Upload interactive content: If businesses are looking to secure a following that can convert into usable data, its better to posts engaging content that aligns with company goals. Use posts, graphics, and polls for driving engagement over the page.

Keep the content timed: The timing at which the posts are uploaded makes a notable impact on garnering responses from users. To add to it, a trending phenomenon, hashtags also help in increasing the reachability of content.

Chat with prospects: LinkedIn has assimilated features like direct chat, a dedicated feature to enable conversation between people on LinkedIn. By activating LinkedIn paid plans, marketers can use this feature and send a direct message to prospects via chat.

Join relevant groups: Groups are a good way to keep your company image on top. As much as the page should be optimally built to showcase company goals, it is pertinent to make group connections that further spread the reach. Joining groups helps in making the company posts visible to other groups and members, leveraging more followers and awareness of the business.

Start newsletters: To drive consistent engagement, a newsletter subscription is a good option. Company information and news updates and provide information about its services and products.

Dig user data: Social media channels have revealed how content and the data associated with users helps reveal the potential of business. This data, in turn, can be analysed for managing the user experience.

Create LinkedIn blog: Blogging is an effective method to get engagement on LinkedIn. Readers want to browse through information that is published in interesting ways. Blogs can also be created to put focus on specific product or services of the company.

Run paid marketing campaigns: Paid marketing campaigns are ideal to push the reach further and generate leads as well. LinkedIn has a dedicated campaign manager for this. The campaigns on LinkedIn can be created to increase brand visibility and also generate business leads.

Use the tools: You can make use of options such as insights and demographics data to evaluate how successfully the paid campaign has performed. There are other features such as A/B testing with the option to create lead generation forms and landing pages.

Video content: Video engagement is highest on social media. Create video content around products and services or showcase what the company offers for its customers when coupled with proper hash tagging. It will help raise the page engagement to another level.

Engage with audience: Reply to people who follow your page. Interaction on page increases when the company takes out time to respond to comments posted on the page.

B2B marketing helps in many ways

Lately, B2B space has also been abuzz with many new updates, rules and trends which often trend on platforms like LinkedIn. Since it is a feature-rich platform, besides connecting with peers and industry professionals, its engagement ratio meets B2B business goals in multiple ways.

Normally, professionals can be seen engaged in posting, commenting, and sharing their content. This content posting has also helped in allowing individuals build their personal brands and become professional influencers.

LinkedIn Groups are tremendously helpful as they can be leveraged for spreading the brand presence among professional communities. This takes the knowledge and business information from one section to a new place, making things discoverable. Also, it allows creation of new communities.

LinkedIn builds social interaction with user-centricity. A platform like LinkedIn has evolved in due course with the inclusion of features that helps build a business-to-business environment, helping companies connect with millions of users and explore mutual interests.

Undoubtedly a game changer in B2B marketing, LinkedIn has brought the focus back to professional domains, which was long overdue.

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