What Is Google Map Live Location & How To Use It?

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected and being able to share our whereabouts with loved ones has become increasingly important. Google Maps has evolved to become much more than just a navigation tool; it now offers a feature called “Live Location” that allows users to share their real-time location with others. This feature is particularly useful for keeping track of family members, coordinating meetups with friends, or ensuring the safety of loved ones during their travels.

Understanding Google Maps Live Location

Google Maps Live Location is a feature that uses your device’s GPS to continuously share your real-time location with selected contacts. Once activated, your contacts can see your precise location on a map, as well as your movement as you travel from one place to another. This feature is available on both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

How to Share Your Live Location on Google Maps

Sharing your live location on Google Maps is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

Open the Google Maps app on your device.

Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) and select “Share location.”

Choose the contact(s) you want to share your location with or select “New share” to create a new share link.

Set the duration for how long you want to share your location (you can choose from options like 1 hour, 8 hours, or indefinitely).

Tap “Share” to send the location share request to your selected contacts.

Once your contacts accept the request, they will be able to see your real-time location on their Google Maps app or through the shared link.

Benefits of Using Google Maps Live Location

Safety and Peace of Mind

Sharing your live location with trusted contacts can provide peace of mind and enhance safety, especially when traveling alone or in unfamiliar areas. Your loved ones can monitor your journey and offer assistance if needed, ensuring your well-being.

Coordinating Meetups and Gatherings

Live Location makes it easier to coordinate meetups with friends or family members. Instead of providing complex directions or trying to describe your location, you can simply share your live location, allowing others to see exactly where you are and navigate to you with ease.

Tracking Family Members

For families with children or elderly relatives, Live Location can be a valuable tool for keeping track of their whereabouts. Parents can monitor their children’s location when they are out with friends or at school, while caregivers can ensure the safety of elderly loved ones who may need assistance.

Sharing Updates During Travel

When traveling for business or pleasure, Live Location allows you to share your journey with friends and family back home. They can follow your progress and stay informed about your location, providing them with peace of mind and allowing them to plan accordingly.

Improved Navigation and Coordination

Live Location can also be useful for coordinating group activities or events. By sharing your location with others, you can easily navigate to each other’s locations, reducing the need for constant communication and ensuring everyone arrives at the designated meeting spot without getting lost.


Google Maps Live Location is a powerful feature that offers numerous benefits for staying connected, coordinating meetups, and ensuring the safety of loved ones. By allowing users to share their real-time location with trusted contacts, this feature provides peace of mind, improves navigation and coordination, and enhances overall convenience. Whether you’re planning a family outing, traveling for business, or simply want to keep track of your loved ones, Google Maps Live Location is a valuable tool that can make your life easier and more secure.


Is Google Maps Live Location secure and private?

Yes, Google Maps Live Location is designed with privacy and security in mind. You have full control over who can see your location and for how long. Additionally, your location data is encrypted and stored securely on Google’s servers.

Can I share my live location with multiple contacts simultaneously?

Absolutely. Google Maps Live Location allows you to share your location with multiple contacts at the same time, making it convenient for coordinating group activities or keeping multiple family members informed.

How accurate is the live location tracking?

The accuracy of live location tracking depends on several factors, including your device’s GPS capabilities and the strength of the GPS signal in your area. In most cases, the location tracking is highly accurate, providing near real-time updates on your position.

Can I see the live location of my contacts if they share it with me?

Yes, if your contacts share their live location with you, you can see their real-time location on your Google Maps app or through the shared link. This feature works both ways, allowing for mutual location sharing and tracking.

How do I stop sharing my live location?

To stop sharing your live location, open the Google Maps app, tap on the menu icon, select “Share location,” and then tap on the shared location you want to stop. From there, you can choose to stop sharing your location or adjust the sharing duration.

About The Author: Kunal Pandit is a marketing professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in the telecom industry in India. Holding an MBA degree from Symbiosis, Pune, Kunal has occupied senior management positions in sales and marketing domains. For the last three years, Kunal has been successfully running his own digital marketing and business consulting company.

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